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iBLOC delivers a versatile construction solution which can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Installation is quick and easy; iBLOCs simply lift in to place without any need for fixing or Jointing materials.  The pre-cast units interlock when placed on top of one another to create a strong and stable wall.  Almost any customised layout can be achieved and a design and support service is available.

We carry large stocks and we are able to cater for projects of all sizes.

We can organise delivery on your behalf, or customers are free to collect by prior arrangement.

i600 Range

iBLOC 600mm x 600mm range is available in 7 different variations

i800 Range

iBLOC 800mm x 800mm range is available in 5 different variations


Length 1600mm
Height 800mm
Width 800mm
Weight 2400kg


Length 1200mm
Height 800mm
Width 800mm
Weight 1800kg


Length 800mm
Height 800mm
Width 800mm
Weight 1200kg


Length 400mm
Height 800mm
Width 800mm
Weight 600kg


Length 1600mm
Height 800mm
Width 800mm
Weight 2200kg

Please be aware that we can manufacture Flat Topped blocks in each of the above sizes.

Flexi Bloc – (this is the Bendi Block but we have changed the name)


iBLOC’s Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers (TVCBs) are the perfect safety barrier for a huge variety of applications where a heavy-duty solution is required.

The TVCB is cast in high strength concrete (50N/mm2) combined with Highways Agency specification steel reinforcing which ensures the barriers meet the component requirements of EN 1317 ‘Compliant Road Restraint Systems for Temporary Safety Barriers’ (when installed by a Highways Agency approved Contractor).

They are ideal for creating safe working areas for your workforce & preventing un-authorised access to private land. They are also used as traffic barriers & to help direct traffic flow.

The safety barriers are connected together at the scarf joint using M24 diameter high-tensile bolts. Units can also be fixed to the carriageway if required, by use of anchor plates bolted to the underside of the barriers.

Overall Length 3150mm
Modular Length 3000mm
Height 800mm
Width 450mm
Weight 2500kg

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